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The Tangerine Machine

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This build thread will have ups and downs, twists and turns, and most likely bad decisions that work out alright in the end. But, if you're up for the challenge of keeping up with what happens and watching me spend entirely too much money, this thread is for you.

Now I'm not saying this will be a KOH quality build or even come close to the "Pumkinator", but in the end it may look quite similar to "The Zombie Slayer" for those of you who have seen his thread.

First I should start off with a little backround. My first jeep was a 97 Sahara edition Wrangler with 179,000 miles on it when I sold it. And that jeep flat out rocked. I bought it already hacked together with a 3 inch body lift and 2 inch spacer pucks on the coils.

Soon after I got it I got bored with how it looked and handled. So on went a 4inch zone suspension lift, 1 inch body lift, front tube fenders, and rear corner armor.

But that just wasn't enough I knew I wanted more but I hated the interior, the exterior color, the crappy gears and axles. So I listed it for sale.

Once it sold I went on the hunt for an 03-06 Wrangler preferably a rubicon and it just so happened that the one local dealership that we have purchased a few vehicles from had one in stock.

An 05 Impact Orange Rubicon with 68,000 miles. They had also just put on a brand new lift with brand new pro comp mud terrains. With the deal that they gave me and the unbelievable amount they gave me for my trade in I brought it home.

So now that I've got all that out of the way on to the building.

The lift that is on it is a 6 inch rough country. The control arms, which are all adjustable, look to be pretty stout but only time will tell. However it feels just too tall for me. I may end up swapping out the coils for some 4's or 4.5's Depending on how much the current ones sag.

Tomorrow I'll be ordering wheel spacers I'm undecided as to what brand but I'm pretty set on 1.5 inch seeing as how these tires rub like crazy because of the moab's offset. But I like the design of the moabs and I love how they look painted black so they will stay.

Steering is also going to be addressed this week or next depending on funds. I don't trust the current set up with 35's. Really not sure on what to look for or what to get as far as steering goes though.

That's the plan for the next few days. If I get both of these taken care of this week, next week I'll move onto the brakes. Once those are out of the way the fun can begin.

This is NOT my daily driver so I won't have to worry about MPG's and having a top all the time. Infact I'll be selling the hard top and I probably wont worry about getting a soft top until fall/winter.

Quick run down of whats to come in the not so distant future: (May not happen in order listed)

Rear bumper with tire carrier
Full rear corner guards
Rocker guards
Currie Anti-rock
Front tube fenders
Front stinger bumper with radiator hoop.
Hood louvers

Along with all the random things I decide to do to it and the spontaneous adventures it goes on. I'd like to have most of those things done in time for the York all breeds jeep show in July so times running out fast.

That's all for now. Check back later.
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A very long awaited update: The wheel spacers have been on and solved the problem of rubbing on the sway bar turning at full lock. I'm pretty far behind from where I wanted to be but I'm moving along steadly. Front and rear bumpers are on. The wheels were blasted and powder coated. I no longer own a top for it and the doors are in my garage and havent been on since a week or two after I brought it home. Pictures will come tomorrow when have the time to upload them.
I see you haven't updated this in a while. What front bumper did you end up with?
Nice. Another impact orange.
Yeah sorry I havent updated it. My laptop has a hard time uploading pictures. I went with AtoZ fabs front competion bumper. I'll be updating this build to current when I get home from work later this evening. And yes Mike! I searched forever to find a stock unmolested one. Love this color.
So I let this build fall on the back burner for quite awhile so I'm going to try and play catch up.

At the York All Breeds Jeep show I managed to talk to Zach from AtoZ Fab and get a front bumper and rear bumper for a very decent price. These things have been nothing but stout. I had the factory moab wheels sandblasted and powder coated to match the bumpers as well.

After that the Jeep has been pretty much the same. I bought another frameless top since I like my last one so much. I'm not sure how much I like the quailty of this one as I had the original Viking offroad top back when Thor made them in the USA. Only time will tell I guess.

And just last week I found a brand new still wrapped up in the box smitty 8000 winch. It wasn't exactly what I was looking for but the price was right being it was only a 10 minute drive from me.

(In progress install pic checking the bumper holes and wiring)
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Up next is going to be rear corner armor from savvy with their tub rails, Rocker guards, and front genright tube fenders.

I already have the tube fenders and that in itself was a real challenge. I have to give a big shoutout to Genright and Mike from Olympic 4X4. These fenders haven't been made in years but I HAD to have them. I loved the look of them and I set out to find them and Mike went out of his way to help me get them.

Thanks for watching we'll be back soon!
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Well since its been over a year since I've updated this I suppose I should play a little catchup. Some minor changes nothing too serious, I've just finished school and now have a fairly stable job that can fund this endeavor.

Went and fabbed up a fair-lead plate. nothing fancy just simple and effective.

After a long while of not running any sway bar whatsoever I bought and installed the Anti-Rock. Nothing but good things to say about it. Flat out works.

Then it was almost time for the yearly pilgrimage to the York All Breeds Jeep Show. A week before the show my Zone Offroad body lift and my Brown Dog motor mount lift showed up. So of course it had to go on before the show. The body lift went on without a hitch. The MML however gave us quite the trouble trying to get everything to line up and keep the stick from popping out of gear. But after a lot of help from a fellow fireman it was in and good to go.

The Body lift and MML are fantastic. Completely eliminated the driveline vibrations I had.

Then a small group of us headed off for the show. Played on the rock course and the only casualty was my exhaust. Had the pleasure of meeting some very cool people such as Ian Johnson, Larry McRae, and brother jeepers who share the addiction.

Unfortunately in my infinite wisdom I had decided to keep my doors and top at home because "Who needs those" Well I did once it started to rain, so In a last ditch effort a few tarps, bungee cords, and ratchet straps banded together to keep the interior dry.

The jeep performed flawlessly and went wherever I pointed it, even managed to recover a jeep for the Judges/Spotters since they couldn't find their recovery jeep. However halfway though the 3 hour ride home I noticed a delay in steering response and increase in wandering on the highway, roadside diagnosis was bent tierod/smashed tierod end. All in all the show was some of the most fun I'd had at a jeep event in my life. I am overly excited for this years show.

Since the steering was pretty well FUBAR'd I went ahead and ordered the Currie complete steering kit from savvy, as well as the savvy rear corner armor and stainless steel rub rails.

I managed to install the steering in my garage, I'd like to point out if you need to remove a pitman arm rent a puller, and use an impact gun.

After having it on for a few weeks now it is 1000 times better than stock and the size difference is incredible. In the picture above you can notice I was able to find a set of full soft doors, love them aswell.

That is about all the modifications that have been done so far. Genright fenders are in my basement. They have been sanded, sealed, filled, primered, and painted to match. Only thing separating them from going on is the temperature and my body working skills. The Savvy rear corner armor is also in the basement it has been powder coated black and awaiting warmer temperatures for install aswell. Once spring rolls around the plan is to install both of those and I'll be having a cage put in, I've been leaning toward the rockhard since that's something I can install myself.

For the past few weeks the Jeep and I have been enjoying the snow and company of good friends. I'll leave you all with some snow pictures to enjoy.

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After a little help from Zach at AtoZ fab we accomplished some of the larger items on the list.

GenRight front tubes, along with savvy rear corner armor and rub rails

Painted the headlight rings gloss black to match,

And a nice picture of the front,

I also have some AtoZ fab rockers to go on and I need to decide what I'm going to be doing about rear flares, would really love some flat flares just not sure what style or brand.
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I think the Genright rear Hi-Flair would look really good on the back.
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