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The Stretch ...

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Well - its been almost 3 years, and, at the beginning I stated that I will not modify my new LJ .. I am such a liar :laugh:

The day I picked it up:

Mostly still stock - just a new back bumper

Installed a fuse-box and tool right beside the fuse panel

Proceeded to drive across Canada

Installed Aussie locker

Installed Airaid throttle body spacer

Installed 1 1/4" wheel spacers

And with a 2" RE lift, I fit my new 32" BFGs

No close-up pictures of my Bushwacker hood and fender protectors, no close-ups of my head-light guards or my tail-light guards. No pictures of my door sill and tail stainless guards. No pictures of my air-bag setup .. but, they are all on there. Just ask, and I can add more pictures!