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There isn't as much with this mod as the modified SL IMO.

  • Strut spacers up front (Rusty's; RROs, etc.) One per side is your best option I'd say. Beyond that you really want aftermarket UCAs and it still will be quite a strain on steering and cv joints.
  • For the back any combination of spacers and spring isolators to achieve the desired lift.
  • I don't have extended sway links. I did notch my fuel tank to better the driver rear droop. This is something to heavily consider for 2 reasons. 1. It makes install easier and 2. you have to consider you are pushing the body further from the axles - essentially making the default stance in a longer state of downtravel. In fact, this mod will effectively decrease your downtravel if you keep your current shocks/struts.
  • I have issues with Photobucket and bandwidth so I will simply reference my build thread:

    Posts #363-395 (pages 25-27); post #430 on page 29 and post#532 on page 36 all deal my process of modifying my OME HD.
  • Mine is a 4.7 V8 and I stayed with 265/70/17s after the mod. (I'd love to have 275/70/17 GY MTR/Ks but that means $s).
  • Something else of note - if you have a front driveshaft with cv joints at both ends (rezeppa-rezeppa) you will likely have issues with the differential side. Again, the angles this creates are somewhat taxing the components.
  • 4.7 with about 90lbs of armor - Modified OME: HD coils f/r; one Rusty's strut spacer per side front; 1/2" poly spacers each side rear; 2 coil isolators top and bottom driver side; 1 coil isolator top/2 coil isolaters bottom passenger side.
  • I've had the OME in since '12 and modified it about a year ago.
  • I've wheeled it hard and towed heavy.
  • My measurements are 22.625" front and 22.75" rear - slight rake
  • My Rusty's trackbar is set at just over 40 9/16"
  • This is what I had after the modification:

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