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:wave:Welcome to the build thread that will be documenting my 2002 Solar Yellow TJ, LifeProof.

I enjoy the outdoors very much and have a fondness for camping, hiking, mountain biking and pretty much anything that can get me closer to mother nature. Recently i have been getting into off-roading and i am starting to get the itch for it. I have many ambitions in mind for my Jeep but my current location will help me keep it small for the time being and allow me to save for what i want, when i need it.

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June 2017


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Just some things that stand out while I have been a JeepForum subscriber.

Good quotes

Build it for where you wheel and live not where you want to wheel and live.
Life is to short to waste it just working.

Thanks to all

From when I bought my jeep in July 2011 to December, I began to google more and more about jeeps. Links to Jeepforum kept popping up but I hadn't registered until after the holidays. I had begun to learn so many things about wheeling, jeeps, mechanics, and so much more. I appreciate all those who gave me guidance as a new member and those who continue to pass on their wealth of knowledge.

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As of February 2014

Current Modifications/Upgrades
- K&N Cold Air Intake
- 1.5" Wheel Spacers
- HiLift Recovery Jack
- HiLift offroad kit
- 30x11.5 TSL/SX Super Swampers
- Cragar 15x8" Soft 8's
- Uniden CB radio
- Sony GT710HD
- Kicker dash and sound bar speakers
- KC 130w Daylighters
- KC windshield mounts
- Poison Spyder Customs hood louver
- Rough Country 2.5" suspension lift
- Removed rear flares
- Antirock front sway bar
- JK turn signals
- XRC8 comp series winch
- Rampage frameless top
- Barnes front bumper
- Barnes rear crossmember
- Paramount Restyling front fenders

Future Mods/Upgrades
- Front Rubi D44 (Thanks Jankoid)
- Rear XJ D44 (Thanks MO2500)
- 36x12.5" TSL/SX's (for the time being 35" MTR/K's fit the budget better)
- Allied/Raceline Beadlocks (the MTR/K's will ride on my cragar's)
- Custom dashboard
- Custom roll cage
- Custom skid plates
- Off-roading/camping trailer
- Rockers ((Barnes rockers are waiting for paint/install)
- Rear fenders (Paramount rears are waiting to be shipped)
- Rear Antirock

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August 2013

A few things that have been inside my head recently for when i plan to upgrade:

- I was looking into ECORS last year and with the new AA class this year, i was optimistic for when i get out of the Marines to look into that. Well, upon more research i found my antirock DQ's me for that.

- Looking at picking up some better axles. ie: Front D44 or HP30/Rear D44 or 8.8

- Pondering weld on beadlocks for my current steelies. Think its a good way to take advantage of what i have and save up money for good beadlocks later.

- Debating about which welder to start of with, probably a Hobart 140.

- Waiting to pull the trigger on a tube bender. Fenders and bumpers to come.

- Looking into metals, most likely going to fab everything from aluminum when possible. Get it prepared for if i do get into racing.

- Been studying the reagear write up from pirate4x4. That will be my project on the new axles along with fabricating some goodies for them.

- Extended shocks, front and rear. With a long arm upgrade, upper triangulated.

Again this is all in the 18-24 month from now time frame.

The axles will be getting worked on throughout 2014 as well as the metal work such as bumpers, roll cage, skins, etc.

The axles/new suspension and tires will go under the Jeep in early 2015.

When i get back the 2014 season has to look forward to a whole bunch of wheeling on 30's and a whole bunch of fabricated parts.

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Looking good. Im stationed in Lejeune as well. Maybe I'll see you around. I have a garage full of tools in case you want to try some out before making a purchase. I have a HH140, MM175, JD2 Moedel 32 bender, JD2 Notchmaster etc.

Keep up the good work.

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So i got the thread cleaned up a bit and made a "Wheeling" thread to post all those pictures that were cluttering the page.

The after action report from my wife was amazing. She had a blast and i wish i could have been there. There are plenty of things we talked about as far as needed upgrades and wanted upgrades.

A lot rides on whether or not i will be getting a truck come next summer or if we both decide to reenlist or not. For now planning will go both ways to prepare for whatever happens.
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