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The Green Goat - JKUHR Overland

After quite a long hiatus, I'm back in a Jeep again. My first vehicle was a 1998 Gunmetal Blue TJ (still my favorite color) that my parents surprised me with in high school. I drove it for about 6 years - up until the end of my senior year in college. Tons of memories, blood, sweat, and tears shared with that thing. It was really sad watching it drive away for the last time.. like losing a friend. I had a build thread going for THOR, but didn't get as far as I wanted due to aging parts + limited funds at the time. Not much action, just my adventures and challenges with owning an old Jeep through school:

I was Jeepless for about a year after college and working full time. This past Fall I picked up a lightly used 2015 Tank Green JKUHR after searching for months. I figure it's time to start a new build thread since I've had the new rig for close to year now and have grown out of "stock" mode. Along with a new ride, I just purchased my first home with my girlfriend so obviously my budget is limited. This "build" will be simple and affordable, yet capable. I'm also aiming for comfort as I'd like to camp out of it often (aka longer drives) and keep my girl content. Though this summer has been full of other priorities and so the camping/adventures have been minimal, I hope to change that as Fall approaches.

Without further ado, I present to you the Green Goat:

I knew I wanted more height and/or travel out of the suspension, plus protection as peace of mind is key, especially on the longer treks I have planned. This was further solidified after my first run at Rausch Creek - dragged my belly and axles across rocks all day. So here's the plan so far:

Mods installed:
SOLID diff covers front & rear
285/75/17 Cooper ST Maxx
Tuffy Security trunk
Cibie H4 headlights w/ GE Nighthawk Xenon bulbs

Mods acquired - awaiting install:
Teraflex 2.5" spring kit
Rancho 9000XL shocks (31/30's)
RockKrawler front and rear adj. trackbars
Spydertrax 1.5" wheel spacers
Currie Adjustable CAs
M.O.R.E steel engine skid
Teraflex LCA skids
Inspired Engineering A-Pillar LED pods
Westin LED flood for reverse
Cobra 29LX CB

Phase 1 mods still needed:
HD tie rod (Currie/TF/MC)
Tire carrier - undecided between hinge (TF or RR) vs swing w/ HR bumper (Smitty XRC)
HD bolt kit
Exhaust spacers or Pypes hi-clearance cat-back
SS ext. brake lines vs bracket
Front axle truss (likely Artec)

I also plan to build a sleeping platform with built-in storage underneath that will mate up to the edge of the Tuffy trunk. Hoping this will prolong the need for a rack/RTT while keeping GF happy.

So far, I feel successful from a budget standpoint considering what I paid vs what I would've paid new/full price: suspension parts total out to about $3k new (not including shipping). I got the TF 2.5" + RK trackbars for $750 off a guy who went a different route (brand new). Walmart/Amazon were selling the Rancho's recently for like 40% off, so about $285 for all four. I found brand new Spydertrax spacers for $150, minus $50 for taking some of the seller's trash away, so $100. Then today, I picked up a full set of Currie adjustable control arms with less than 5000 miles on them for $625, and he threw in a JCR evap skid for $5 bucks more. In total, about $1750 for everything - aka nearly 40% off on average. Not to mention the engine skid and Inspired LEDs were about 35% off when I bought new.

These next few weeks I'll be installing as much as I can (the heat and rain have been relentless) and hopefully hit RC + some Pine Barrens camping in the next month. More pics to come!
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