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Price $400
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Average Price $400
Manufacturer Teraflex
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The S/T Sway Bar System gives you all of the advantages of a swaybar disconnect. Engaged, the bar allows for a stable highway drive, disconnected, it allows your vehicle to articulate and your tires to bite despite the terrain. Unlike conventional swaybar disconnects, the S/T bar does not require you to pull and pry and tug on removable links. Getting greasy before and after the trail is a thing of the past. The S/T sway bar when engaged offers more anti-roll characteristics than a stock sway bar, disconnected it offers no reistance and allows the axle full range of movement with no restriction. To disengage the swaybar with the S/T system, simply twist a knob and you are on your way. To re-engage, rotate the knob again and the swaybar will self engage when the vehicle is level.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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