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Tennessee Offroad Roll Cage [$235]

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Product Information
Price $235
Rating 4
Average Price $235
Manufacturer Tennessee Offroad
Recommended Yes: 1 / No: 0

Front Hoop, 4 Spreaders, Foot Plates


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I used to be someone
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Price $235
Rating 4
Pros Weld-in design, strong.
Cons PITA install on TJs, replacement duckwork is crap
Recommended yes

Comments: A friend of mine had this cage on his TJ when the following event happened (as shown in the pictures). It held up well and protected him from any injury that could have resulted.

I purchased this cage for my Tj as well. It is a through-dash design and as such, is a PITA to install. YOU have to remove the entire dash to make this fit.

The vent 'adaptors' for rerouting the air vents do not work well at all. The accordian-style vent replacement pieces would not be an isue for a CJ or YJ though.

However, I would rather have a through dash design then one that bolts to the cowl.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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