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Anyone going this yr? March 3rd thru the 5th. I may go if anyone is going. Not the most bad A55 wheeling but its always fun to camp out remotely and do our thing and hit the raffle Saturday night and the playground areas as well. Anyone?
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Yeah, I stayed away from the Notches the whole weekend. I figured nothing good would come from going over there.

We wheeled on Saturday and my rig did great. My transfer case linkage was binding up so that made 2-hi/4-low changes a PITA. I already had the Novak cable coming from Savvy but it didn't show up until this Wednesday. I just stayed in 4-low most of the time we were making our way around the hills and gulches.

I had a little bit of rubbing at full stuff but the Savvy body lift will eliminate that issue. It came in on Wednesday too :2thumbsup: . I decided to add an Anti-Rock after having issues with the tires contacting the stock swaybar. I'll order that on Monday after I get all of the other stuff installed this weekend.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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