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Anyone going this yr? March 3rd thru the 5th. I may go if anyone is going. Not the most bad A55 wheeling but its always fun to camp out remotely and do our thing and hit the raffle Saturday night and the playground areas as well. Anyone?
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Ill be out there! hopefully I can get the Heap out there too. Currently its gushing tranny fluid and has a popped tire.
sounds related, but what do I know
Surprisingly, its not related. The tire got a leak from a crack in the sidewall, and the tranny started leaking first from the main rear seal.

Im just getting bad luck.
Heres my POS. If you see it on the side of the road, swing on by with a tow strap. Theres beer in it for you. :grin2:

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This ended up being a rough event for us. After about 1.5 hours of wheeling, my power steering line burst and my buddy's teraflex control arm snapped at the weld. Welp, hopefully next year will be better for us.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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