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Anyone going this yr? March 3rd thru the 5th. I may go if anyone is going. Not the most bad A55 wheeling but its always fun to camp out remotely and do our thing and hit the raffle Saturday night and the playground areas as well. Anyone?
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Ill be out there! hopefully I can get the Heap out there too. Currently its gushing tranny fluid and has a popped tire.
sounds related, but what do I know
Ok so I've decided to go. Where is everyone camping? Any flag/banners? represent..... Lets throw some phone numbers around and meet up. Some of you guys I've never met........ And if we don't communicate on here, here's my junk so you can say hi in person!


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I'll be heading out around 10am on Friday. Going solo/with my gf since no one else wants to go.. BOOOO....
I had a pretty good time. Did all of the responsibly do-able obstacles on the man made course. In doing so I got to school four nicely built JK's and a few others. ... Had a great wknd of listening to exhaust less quads and razors bumping mariachi music past my camp site at 4am... Always nice.
One thing I did notice this yr is that there are WAY more restrictions at where you can wheel especially North of the venders. Then I parked NEAR a bush at my site. Later on, ranger pulled over, got out and told me that he can't give me a ticket but warned me that the vegetation is protected and Ill need to back my jeep up (that was a good 5 ft from a medium sized bush).... UH..... OK.....

Weather was impeccable ...Friday night was a little chilly but Saturday was wonderful. Sunday 9am -ish the wind started to come in and the clouds began to roll in as well.. Great time to get out of Dodge.

No issues to speak of except I realized that my King air bumps need more pressure that what they came with and my coil spring rate needs to go up. I have a bit of rear sag. I adjusted it from Superstition but it is still to low.

All in all,, Good time... And that $27,000 polaris they gave away at the raffle was INSANE!
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1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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