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Tapered insert for stock TRE

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Hi all,

I’m working on an 05 LJ, formerly my fathers and now my mothers. It has a small lift along with a Currie trackbar and steering. My mother has asked if I can lower it back to stock height for her. I know none of this stuff clears at stock height so i am going to be removing it. My only issue is the trackbar bolt has been drilled out for the larger bolt used in the Currie kit.

I was wondering if anyone had a source for a tapered insert that would allow me to go back to the stock TRE. Also open to any solution in which I can clear at stock height.

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Apparently @ Mr Blaine says that you just need sufficient clamping force on that connection, no matter what size hole it is. So you should just be able to put in a smaller bolt in the original (or stock) TB, torque to spec and be good.

Has never worked for me.
Funny you should post that about this rig in particular. His father drilled out the hole to 5/8" and was worried that it was not a perfect hole. So, he machined up a sleeve to make it a perfect precision fit and pressed that in. Unfortunately he made the sleeve ever so slightly too long and guess what happened? That's right, it wallowed the sleeve out since the hole size for a bolt makes just about zero difference within reason. It is only the amount of clamping force you can develop on the faying surfaces. But, only you would bastardize that into me recommending using a tapered pin in a straight hole. If you can't make the normal crap work then you have other issues not related to bolt size versus fastener size. And I have never said no matter what the hole size is. And again, you have yet to explain how the slots in the front lower control arm mounts work if you believe that drivel you just spewed.

As for the insert. I know they make inserts for the knuckles, have not heard of one on the TB mount.
I have fixed several stock track bar mounts with tapered inserts that have a shoulder to convert them back to the stock taper.
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I'm confused which end of the trackbar we are talking about. I thought frame side, but seems like some people talking about axle side.
Frame side.
This is a different Jeep.

Where can one source these inserts?
My apologies for getting the Jeep mixed up. Other than that were there any inaccuracies?

I have them made. They don't work without the set of reamers and counterbore for the flange.
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