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Tales of my new Jeep (the ongoing adventure)

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As some may know I recently, along with my wife, have become jeep owners.. or should I say jeep "project" owners.

Be forewarned, this post will likely go long as I like to share details and results etc.. so with that..
It's not my first jeep because my first was back in the early 90s in Virginia Beach where I owned a 1968 Jeepster Commando. But this is our first jeep together which she has laid claim to.. I do the work and the cleaning up and she will do the owning and
Anyways we bought it from a friend, who along with a bill of sale and proof of his own registration portraying this Jeep as a 1974 CJ5 with a 258/3 speed however, according to the jeeps VIN it seemed we instead had bought a 1975 CJ5 with a 232/3 speed. (More to come on this point later).
Buying it for a great project/ friend price we still hadn't actually heard it run and we knew coming in that the PO stated the jeep needs its clutch replaced. My thought is that given the price, if worse comes to worse, we can make our money back plus profit in selling it or selling off its parts.
In the meantime I have a desirable hobby/project to spend off time and money into and see where it goes... So to speak.

Until later,

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