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T177 shift fork retainiing pin removal/reinstall

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Hello! I am new the forum, I recently purchased a 1980 CJ7. I've owned a CJ5, CJ7 and a couple for Wranglers previously. Anyway, here's some background. My jeep has a rebuilt T177 in it. As soon as I backed it off the trailer and tried to put it into gear, I realized something wasn't right. I pulled the shift cover off, the forks look good but somewhere along the line somebody neglected to put the interlock pin into the 3/4 rail. That's my guess as to why the shift fork lug on that rail is beat to hell. so to my question, what is the best way to remove the retaining pins? I've never worked with these dowel-type pins and don't want to make things worse. Should I just drive them out with a punch? And what is the best way to put a new pin in?

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They use a standard roll pin.
Use the appropriate sized pin punch and tap the pin(s) through the fork and the rail.
If you are keeping the fork or have to remove the rail to get the fork out, you can tap the pin through the shaft but leave it sticking out the back side of the fork.

To install:
You put the fork in a vise and start the roll pin into it.
Then slide the shaft into the fork.
Align the holes on the back side with the punch.
Tap the roll pin in flush.
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