I’m looking to unload this Switch-Pros SP9100. The unit is new and has never been installed. However, I have had it out of the box to run some bench tests. My intention was to see if it was a match for my build before actually installing it. Unfortunately it does not have a couple key functions that I needed so I ended up going with the higher output RCR force 12 instead. I kept it for a little while thinking I might use it but I haven't and it's just sitting on my shelf. EVERYTHING that came in the box is still there and repacked neatly. Obviously I'm not tryin to get the full $615 I paid for it, being that I opened the box. But I think $500 +shipping is fair. I’m located in central NJ 08619.

If you’re interested in what's included in the SP-9100 system, compared to the RCR Force 12, check out the unbox review I did on YouTube.

Here’s a link to the video. The review starts at the 12:58 mark.

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