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Suspension lifts on a LJ

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Hey on an LJ will a TJ suspension lift work or do you have to pay a bit more for the LJ ones? Just curious and trying to save some cash.
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It depends on the extent of the lift and what you're looking to accomplish. If its just a spacer lift with you're fine. If you're doing coils I'd go with something LJ specific because the rear coil rates are specific to the LJ. LONG ARM most certainty LJ specific. Good luck!
Ok thanks! I have a rough country 2.5" right now and I'm looking to bump up to a 4" or so. I just wanna clarify that I should buy the kit with the long arms? And yeah thanks for the help! I'll try to stick to the LJ ones. I may just go out and get a quote from a 4wd place not far from me
If you're willing to spend the money go with the LJ specific long arm kit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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