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Going beyond about 3" can open a Pandora's box of required additional mods. You will most likely need at least a front drive shaft at about 3.5". Going up more just means more madatory mods to make things work right or work reliably.

As far as lifts to accomodate 35" tires and provide a great ride, I would suggest AEV's 3.5" lift. The drop brackets for the front upper and lower control arms move the angles of the arms to all but equal the angles on a long arm which should be a better set up imo than adjustable arms in the stock rear mount locations as far as ride goes. The lift comes with Bilstien shocks, which are a substantial upgrade over stock. Plus the whole kit is a lot less expensive than a long arm.

In addition, rather than the standard bumpstops, perhaps the shock absorbing ones. Having a brain cramp at the moment and cannot recall the name of the bumpstops or who makes them, but for fast travel over whoops and unmaintained roads and two tracks these ought to be perfect.

Throw in Currie spring retainers so that when the Jeep unloads the springs stay put.

A/T tire rather than M/T tire for the ride, noise, tread life and because rock crawling isn't the main plan.

My thoughts,

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