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Well after weeks of working with Diablo to update my tuner (and failing) I have decide to send it back and try a Superchips. Kinna disapointed cause now there will be no custom tunes and little reason to get a CAI. Does Superchips have any customs tunes on the tuner that are for the a CAI or are they just 87/91/93? What can I expect from Superchips?
I have one and I like it a lot. You do feel a considerable difference with an auto tranny on the 87 tune as was remarked upon below. Here is a few run downs on what you can do:
- recalibrate speedo for tire size change
- recalibrate gear ratio change AFTER a gear change out
- if you have lockers you can lock in on 4hi
- towing mode, crawling mode and pure milage tune <--(far less response, yet seems to do as it claims)
- manually change shift points to your liking
- increase idle for increased acceleration performance (quick start), and on board compressor, welder, etc.
- custom shift mapping (purchase option from SC)
- onboard diagnostics for monitoring tracktime info (not my cup o tea, but could be useful if you get into stats)
- change electric fan turn on temp point (180*, 185*, etc.)

There is more under advanced options, but I have not played with all of them. If you go to the superchipforum you can see the testimonials and FAQ's and realtime responses. My experience is that the SC support has been top notch. I will admit, the 93 tune has a considerable SOTP difference, but 87 is pretty good Vs. stock. Money well spent in my opinion, but i also have an automatic.
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