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Suggest Spacer Lift versus Spring & Shock Install

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As an option to 3" lift kit, I did a TeraFlex spacer lift, 2" front and 1" rear for my 2013 JK when purchased new. Levels the Jeep and is less than $250. Actually is a 2.5" rise in front. Running 285/75 Nitto Terra's (34x12). Great tire, 3rd set just installed yesterday. Averaging 45k miles, have 96k miles now. Maybe worth considering against a $1500+ 3" kit installed if your on a budget and/or not wanting to deal with potential steering or driveline issues.

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I would never have thought of having the spacer-blocks installed where purchased.

Now, on my 09 Honda cr-v I am ready to order a 1-inch Anderson lift block set. yep
Even 1-inch of lift makes a difference.
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