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Stolen Wrangler

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I posted this in the OR forum but since we are so close....

I had my trusty 2004 green wrangler x stolen from an enclosed parking garage in Portland, OR last night :(

It has a few easily identified things.
1) A Tigerlily Tattoo bumper sticker on the the lower left in the back
2) There are two round Arabic insurance stickers on the passenger windshield.
Previous owner was in the Army and he took it over seas to Bahrain.
3) The soft top has a knife slit by the drivers door where some idiot broke in and stole my stereo last year (That's the reason I moved it into the apt indoor car park - ugh)
4) It's a Wrangler X - Green 4 liter - last year of the straight six - oof
5) The spare does not have a cover

Anyway - the plate is OR 925DSQ - it has expired registration stickers from 5 2013

If anyone happens to run across it - drop me a line.

Happy Trails
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Oh Man, I wish some really bad mojo on whomever stole that!

Any word yet?

Nada. I am not holding out much hope.
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