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still tcase issuses

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I bought a 1989 242 t case it has 21 splines and my trans has 23 splines what now fellas I would really like to get rid of this jeep so I can have some money but yet when it is done I am not going to be real egar to sell cause its problems will be gone. Please someone give me an idea of a cheap solution.thanks doug
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there is alot of threads in the zj/wj section but iirc you take the front half of the 249 case and swap it onto the 242 and that changes the splines as well as the input shaft length. if you look in my profile and look at my recent threads it is titled "will this fit". i know we touched on that in there. i hope this helps:2thumbsup:
transfer case you got must have come out of a 4 cylinder. They have less splines than the 6's.
Howdy Ron nice of you to stop by, I have $170 into 3 different cases your right and wrong this was a 89 six cylinder tcase. The main input shaft for the 89 was 23 spline bearing was thiner and the input shafts have a shoulder inside that is tall so its not just the number of splines it is also shoulder tall or short and the 1989 main shaft is much shorter than 1996 242 anyway a good lesson learned and hopfully someone else can learn from this 2 day feaskle of mine, I love to wrench but this was one of those holly ---- what next episodes that no one enjoys. Just listen here mister I will be asking your advise in the future so do me a favor and pass some of this info along it has to help somewhere I want to get back to my hot rod 1973 dart swinger. Doug
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