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State by State Vehicle Equipment Laws

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The Project...

What we are doing with this thread:
Giving you the leg up to be an informed Jeep owner. Showing you where to find the laws that affect you as you build and enjoy your Jeep.

Why not just save me the bother and tell me what's legal or not? Other sites have already done this.
There are a lot of sites that attempt to "sum it all up for you" These often are a the least lacking in vital info and context and at worst, they are often just plain wrong, either because they are outdated, misread or not taking in account all the factors. Reading just these would be trusting as fact an interpretation of the laws by a layman you don't know. Bottom line they are not particularly good to trust. And you certainly cant quote them in court and expect them to save you a costly ticket you got for being wrong!
Even if we wanted to do it right, done correctly it would be more work than could every be managed. Read for yourself and you will always know where to look for the next thing.

What you can do to help:
To help yourself...
Everyone should scan their state laws, a lot of sites also have a way to find out what has been changed that year. Also take the time to find out your Jeep's measurements. (frame height, headlight height, whatever your state uses as a gauge) If you have something on your jeep that is really close to breaking a law or just looks bad but is legal, I suggest printing off the code that refers to it (and shows that it is still legal) and carry it with your important papers in the Jeep. You may be able to nicely get out of a issue with a cop that does not know and save yourself the trip to explain it to a judge.

To help the List...
If your state is not listed or if a link changes and we don't notice, let me know by posting in this thread or sending me a PM. If your state is up already you can help out with one we have not found already or read your state really good and help us with the codes we are using, see post #3

Notes about the list:
-This has been a collaborative effort and I really want to thank everyone that has and is helping out.
-All useable info is compiled in the first 4 posts, all information posted in relies will be integrated where it is useful and updated when necessary. If you post something for me and I forget to add it after a few weeks, PM me, somethings get lost in the shuffle.
-Letter codes are explained in Post #3
-FAQ about Laws and this list are in Post #4
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(1) No motor vehicle shall be altered or modified in any way that may
cause the vehicle body or chassis to come in contact with the roadway,
expose the fuel tank to damage from collision, or cause the tires to come
in contact with the body, chassis, or steering components under normal
operation. The horizontal plane, front to rear, shall not differ more than
two inches.

(1) The maximum mechanical lift for four wheel drive motor vehicles
shall be calculated by multiplying the wheel base times the wheel track,
and dividing the product by a safety factor of 2200:
i.e., 92" w/b x 58" w/t = 5336/2200 = 2" (maximum mechanical lift).
The outside diameter of the largest tire size available from the original
manufacturer as standard or optional equipment for the particular motor
vehicle may also be increased up to an amount equal to the maximum
mechanical lift calculated.


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Links please

Mooman said:
6.01: Purpose

please do not include the full text of anything, this is not the point and is not nearly as helpful as the links that i can include in the main posts on the front page.

You also did not mention what state this was for that i see. If this is for a state that has not been done (check in the first few posts for all the state links), then i welcome the info and would like them just as links. You can read all the details in the first post of the why and how of this project.

Thanks for pitching in.


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There is no link. I found this info by searching for days and days. I also spoke with many a trooper. I edited it down to the actual meaningfull words. Just thought I'd make it easy and put it in plain english.

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I have been pulled over plenty of times in my small town of White Oak, Texas for being on private propt in my old POS xj which has no insp/tag or license plates cut out fenders and all the works for a HUGE ticket but I just get a next time Call me when you go wheeling hehe

2 nights ago I went up the school at 2 30 at night we just took the sway bar off anyways we where at the school right and they have this Ramp that is kinda like a Flex Test so I did it I had 3 friends in my jeep we where just messin around when all of a sudden I get blocked in by 3 cop cars haha was the funniest thing ever they said they had some complaint of lights at the school and loud noises "tires squeeking" so they thought i was robbing the place anyways my buddy one of the officers coverd my back by saying he just got new shocks and was testing them out haha so I got out once again hehe when you live in a town that has 5 cops and about 4k people and nothing but WOODS WOODS AND MORE WOODS everyone knows each other and doesnt exactly care haha

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NickThePyro said:
Your from washington so you should be knowledgable about the laws here. I have a cherokee and would it be legal for me to lift it as much as 6" and put on 32X11.5's with stock fender flares? I couldnt find anything about lifts and tire widths anywere in the link :(

Thanks, Nick
its all in the Washington revised code, just do a little reading,

things that relate to this particular question are

RCW 46.37.500
Fenders or splash aprons.
some height considerationshere
RCW 46.37.040
Head lamps on motor vehicles.

that will get you started.

there was a part that dealt with types of suspensions (no big budget boosts) but i can find it, it looks like the code has been updated since last time i gave it a good read.

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NY has no fender flare law???

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what is the fender law /tire coverage for ohio

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I have been working on trying to get the Alaska codes and regs. Had a city officer look over my Jeep and without the covers on the lights, the wheels exposed beyond the fender flares, the lift, and the large stinger on the front, he said there was no problems with it. He is supposed to be getting me the latest book of code standards. If I don't get it from him, I will roll over to State Trooper barracks and see if I can get one from them. The Alaska DMV web site is absolutely horrid to find this information.

The only one that I have been able to confirm as a code at this date is:

13 AAC 04.005. Disconnection or Alteration of Equipment
(a) For a vehicle intended to be operated on a public roadway, no person may disconnect or alter, except as is necessary in the repair or replacement of parts, equipment required by this chapter, unless the equipment is by nature designed and intended for disconnection or alteration;
(b) No person may operate a motor vehicle upon a public roadway which violates the following limitations or prohibitions:
(1) a motor vehicle may not be modified or altered from the original design so that any portion of the vehicle, other than the wheels, has less clearance from the surface of a level roadway than the clearance between the roadway and the lower most portion of any rim of any wheel in contact with the roadway;
(2) a motor vehicle may not be modified to position the lowest portion of the body floor more than three inches above the top of the frame, or to result in a maximum frame height or body floor height greater than 24 inches for a vehicle of up to 4,500 pounds GVWR, 26 inches for 4,501 - 7,500 pounds GVWR, or 28 inches for 7,501 - 10,000 pounds GVWR.
(c) No motor vehicle may be operated on a public roadway that has been modified, altered, manufactured, or is carrying a payload in a manner which adversely affects the steering, braking, or stability of the vehicle.
(d) A vehicle operated on a public roadway that exceeds the minimum or maximum specifications of subsection (b) must be in compliance with this section by 3/31/93.
(e) For purpose of this section
(1) "frame" means the manufacturer's main longitudinal structural members of the chassis of the vehicle, or, for vehicles with unitized body construction, the lowest main longitudinal structural members of the body of the vehicle;
(2) "frame height" means the vertical distance between the ground and the lowest point of the frame midway between the front axle and the second axle on the vehicle;
(3) "GVWR" means the gross vehicle weight rating as defined in AS 28.40.100 (a)(9);
(4) "payload" means anything added to a vehicle that increases its unladen weight.

Still working on these and will get more when I find good dated material(s):

Inspection of Vehicles 13 AAC 04.006
Emissions Requirements AS 45.45.400
License Plates Display of 28.10.171
Brakes Vehicles 13 AAC 04.205
Horn 13 AAC 04.210
Mirrors 13 AAC 04.220
Safety Belts 13 AAC 04.270
Tires 13 AAC 04.230
Unsafe Vehicles 13 AAC 04.225
Headlights Vehicles 13 AAC 04.020
Illumination 13 AAC 04.010
Miscellaneous Lighting Requirements 13 AAC 04.040
Parking Lights 13 AAC 04.070
Stop Lights Vehicles 13 AAC 04.035
Taillights Vehicles 13 AAC 04.025

I hope to find the location on the web but searches are not pulling up as much info as I would like.
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