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Hey guys its been awhile since I have been here.... I just recently bought my 3rd jeep but its my first wrangler. So I want to start off with some basic ground work particularly with the engine. So you know turners, CAI, snorkel kits, 3.8l fixes that I need to be prepared for, ect. I just replaced the wires and plugs. To start there. I have a wrangler x 2dr 3.8l 6speed...... brands im fond of are s&b and Diablo as I dont this ez lynk does gas motors. Im willing to spend money were it counts but not were its not needed.

Thanks for any advice.
Its good to be back in a jeep.

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Superchips for the tuner is my favorite, CAI is a waste of money, do you ride where a snorkel will be used? is so, that snorkel is also a true CAI.
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