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Hi all, first post here on wrangler forum, but by far not the first visit. My father has a 1989 Jeep YJ which he has supped up with the following upgrades.

- Nv4500 4x4 ram
- Atlas transfer
- Tomwood CV
- ARB back diff
- Dana 30 with warren disconnect hub front diff
- Rear disc brake
- old man emu 2.5 lift suspension
- Axles geared 4.56

A few years ago he ran the 4.2 EFI dry and ruined her.

So now, I came along wanting to fix her up and make her mine. I put countless hours of research in and have come to a standstill in choices between the Chevy Performance 383 EFI turnkey and one of Chevys LS3 crates. My father has made it clear that he wants a crate engine if we do a V8, simply for peace of mind. He also states that money is not a problem for the build.

Notes of 383 $10578:
- Much better torque
- Looks SWEET
- Unique due to it only coming out in December
- Might have a clearance issue with that top-mounted air filter

LS376/480(LS3 with a hot cam) $7876:
- Lighter
- Surprisingly cheaper(though may not be after adding accessorie belt
- Diverse aftermarket support
- Oversaturated(not unique)

We plan to get all our adapters from advanced adapters as my father has used them in the past.

If you believe it would better worth it to get the base LS3 and do the cam upgrade yourself lmk. Because the toque the 383 makes is just superior to that of the LS. But then again, the LS is a tuner engine. So I could see being able to get that 383 power from the LS

We were looking at getting a 1994 4.0 and stroking it with our 4.2 crank. It would be a great learning experience for me and a quick project. However, I don't think it would do the parts listed above justice, as it makes 1/3 of the power the V8s do.

Cheers from NY
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