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Product Information
Price $215
Average Price $250
Manufacturer Sniperfab
Recommended Yes: 1 / No: 0
Company website

TJ Tube Fender Kit
Starting at: $214.95
Model: SFW-50013

This is our SFW TJ Tube Fender Kit. The features of this SFW product are as follows:

* CNC cut, formed and notched
* All tubing is 1.5 inch .120 wall tubing all cut and notched ready to weld.
* All sheet steel is 1/8 inch A50 steel and is cut and formed ready to bolt up and weld.
* Ships un-painted and un-welded. SFW suggests having it welded by a qualified welder
* Total of (14) pieces ready to weld together with slotted holes for fine adjustment of alignment
* The top plate comes with .25 inch holes for mounting in a manner that utilizes your stock inner fender well. If you plan to using these as full replacement fenders then you can weld-up the holes or leave them. They are under the hood line and will not be seen.
* We now offer this kit with a 3" or 6" tube fender flare for an additional $135 for 3" flare and $185 for the 6" flare option. If you would like the additional 3" or 6" fender flare for this kit please choose it from the options below. Other companies charge well over $200 extra for this option.
* The 3" and 6" fender flare additions include 2 more tubes bent, cut and notched and the addition of the top plate that has the flare integrated into it.
* We offer Micro Amber LED lights that can be used to replace your turn signal and/or marker light. If you would like to to add these Micro LED lights to this fender kit please choose the option below.
* These fenders are a very strong upgrade from the factory fenders and they add great looks.
* Contrary to some, these fenders can be used as a total replacement (not running any portion of the factory fender) or they can be installed utilizing the factory inner fender! Its up to the own!
* This comes in kit for. Unless, you would prefer us to fixture weld them for you. If you would prefer us to weld them up for you then choose the welded option below. There is an additional cost for having us weld them.

Price includes one complete fender kit for driver and passenger ready to weld-up. This kit consists of unwelded/unfinished pieces. No hardware is included. We also offer small LED lights for turn signal and/or running lights. These amber colored LED lights fit nicely in the gusset hole or can be mounted in the tube by drilling a 3/4" hole in the tube. These LED lights are $30/pair Please choose options below if you would like to add 3" or 6" tube flare or to have us fixture weld them or to add the Amber Micro LED lights to your fender kit..
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