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Price $600
Pros looks good, solid
Cons cutout for the winch fairlead was a little small
Recommended yes

Comments: Great bumper, winch is a pain to mount (which means its a pain to steal) went on extreamly easy, took longer to get the stock bumper off. i was backed into by a 5 ton truck that did 4 grand damage before the lower part of it hit my bumper and barely left a mark, another car brushed it wrecking their quarter panel, bumper and mirror, cant find a mark on it. ive smashed 3 old desks with it and cant find a mark. and i drove through an area offroading with trees that had a 4 inch diameter and still no damage. dragged myself out of a mudhole that burried my front tires and held up great. cant wait to get the side armour and rear bumper
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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