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Price $688
Rating 4
Pros Strong and heavy! Does not rattle yet. Latch works well so far.
Cons PITA to install!
Recommended yes

Comments: I am overall impress with this bumper. I just bought the latest version which is different from the original. I also got the tire carrier with mine. The only issue is the instructions are garbage. I used the reviews from various sites to get some tips and tricks to install it and it still took me hours to get it done. The biggest issue was inner bolt alignment. Plus, one inner bolt ended up not being installed because I was not willing drop the tank for it. I feel it is not a big deal though as every bolt that goes to the frame tie in's were easily installed and I feel the strength comes more from those bolts then the inner ones that just utilize the factory crossmember. Also, if you buy the tire carrier with your bumper I highly recommend that you install the tire carrier latch plate and tire carrier post before you install the bumper. The instructions do not state this but if you install the bumper before you install these items you are gonna have a worse time then you already are. Mine also came with 2 different frame tie in brackets. I think one is for YJ's and one is for TJ's but the instructions are to very clear on a TJ install whether or not you use them both on a TJ, I decided to only use the the smaller brackets. They are similar to various frame tie-ins made by other manufacturers and the longer ones that may be for YJ's only would not line up with the holes on the bumper due to the ends of the factory frame crossmember being to long. I feel this is not a big deal though as like I mentioned earlier the smaller frame tie-ins are the very similar to other bumpers on the market and I feel those smaller are plenty strong enough to hold the bumper, tire, trailer, or any other vehicle you may be pulling out of the ditch.
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