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Small Lift Suggestions

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Which company does everyone think provides the best 2" budget boost. I'm looking at rusty's right now because I would like like to replace the shocks and the price seems right.

Just looking for suggestions. Thanks.
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zmat said:
Is there a way to get 2" lift out of a spring swap. I suspect mine may be a little worn out.
I ended up with roughly 2" front, 2.5" rear out of my f>r swap - the front springs that were on the car were h&r progressive 2" lowering springs, and brought the rear up 2.5-3", but as soon as I put a couple hundred pounds in the back I drops down to almost stock. The new front springs I thought were 3" zj fronts, but ended up 3" xj, so I only got about 2" or so on my 5.9.

So, 2" might be obtainable for other v8s by running xj fronts in he rear, xj 3" lif fronts in the front?
PolkaPower said:
I think they will since the front of the xj is the same as the zj. You should take into consideration the spring rate of these coils since the coils rates apply to the weight of the vehicle.
This. Also the reason I figure I didn't get as much height as I expected. I'm uneven, slightly higher in the back even with the lowered coils because of their progressive rates.

Also, my ride is super soft because of the low rates, and because I haven't yet hooked up the read sway and I'm running jks discos, it's less than confidence inspiring.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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