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Small issues discussion

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Hello everyone!

I have a few small issues on my 2005 jeep LJ id like to ask about.


it has recently started getting cold out, YAY.
this is my first fall or winter with this jeep and im running into a few issues with my transmission. when the tranny is cold in the morning below 55 degrees, I have trouble keeping it in gear. btw its the 6 cylinder with the automatic. Every morning i get into the jeep and itll go into reverse just fine. When i put it in drive it does one of two things. either it wont go into gear and i have to sit and wait a minute for it to finally go. or itll go into gear initially and then kick out of gear into neutral. This issue also happens occasionally when i just start driving it cold. itll be driving fine and kick itself into nuetral. or sometimes it wont shift into 2nd correctly. ive never had this issue past 2nd gear, cold or not. ive checked the transmission fluid which looks pink is at the correct level and smells correct. This also reminds me of another issue i had once. I was on a slight hill pointing down the hill and i was trying to go backwards up the hill. i put it in reverse and it just wouldnt go. i dont think it even went into reverse. I put the jeep in 4wd and finally it went into reverse and i made it out fine. Anybody have any ideas???

Every now and then when i start the jeep, itll read no oil pressure. the jeep sounds fine and smooth and perfect like normal but the dash just shows no oil pressure. restarting the engine solves the issue and the dash shows oil pressure again. Does this sound like a faulty oil pump thats actually not sending oil or does it sound like a faulty oil pressure sensor that just needs replaced?

Thanks everyone!
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First thing I would check on the transmission would be to see if any codes have been thrown and note what they are.

Unfortunately on your year of TJ, the oil pressure gauge is no more then a fancy "idiot light". The oil pressure sending unit just sends a signal to the pcm that then moves the needle over to a set point. You may notice that the needle does not normally fluctuate at all once the engine is started. Even at idle the needle does not move discernably. There have been many instances of the sending unit failing and it appears the engine looses oil pressure. The only true way to check it is with a manual gauge hooked up to the oil gallery. If you find the oil pressure to be normal change out the sending unit. A down and dirty way is to poke a small hole in your oil filter and fire it up. Oil spraying out of the hole is a good sign, if not a little messy :surprise:. Be sure to replace the oil filter before using the Jeep if you try this.

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scarface998;40773871 sometimes it wont shift into 2nd correctly. ive never had this issue past 2nd gear said:
CEL ever get thrown? Checked the trans fluid correctly?? Also research the 1-2 shifting issues for the 05-06 autos, that could be part of your problem. Also IIRC there is a issue with the OPDA in that year, which could explain your oil pressure readings... Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in
This might have some info in it for you
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