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skivviss' build thread

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The plan... changing too often:

1.0 -- complete -- jeep 1_0 pictures
- 2010 jk rubicon
- straps (tow and snatch)
- handheld cb

1.1 -- complete -- jeep 1_1 pictures
- smittybilt xrc rear bumper w/tire carrier
- smittybilt xrc front bumper
- warn 8000 winch
- winch crap
- procomp 7" aux lights on factory fog switch
- hi-lift jack

1.2 -- complete -- jeep 1_2 pictures
- clayton 3" lift
- front/rear adjustable track bars (clayton)
- hi-steer flip kit (clayton)
- teraflex steering stabilizer
- bilstein 5100 shocks
- jks quicker disconnects
- mickey thompson signature series wheels 17x9
- bfg km2 tires 35x12.5
- tom woods 1350 front and rear driveshafts
- 5.13 gears
- arb diff covers
- cobra75 cb w/firestik antenna

1.3 -- complete -- jeep 1_3 pictures
- currie hd tie rod and draglink
- river raider full steel underbody armor
- river raider steel evap cannister armor
- aev heat reduction hood
- aev snorkel w/ air ram
- breather hose extensions run into airbox

1.4 -- (started, anti-rocks on backorder...)
- rear seats gone for good
- currie anti-rock swaybar (front/rear)
- LoD rear bumper/tire carrier
- sPOD or daystar
- windshield light mounts
- 2x front beam lights
- 2x front wide lights
- 2x rear wide lights
- 6x underbody lights

1.5 -- (future)
- bedline interior
- cage replacement or reinforcement
- rear cargo area build

1.6 -- (future, tentative for when current tires are worn)
- rcv front axle shafts
- chromoly rear axle shafts
- d44 front/rear strengthening
- poison spyder fenders
- poison spyder crusher corners
- 42x13.5 tires goodyear mtr/k
- 17" spyderlock beadlocks
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Hey did you happen to do a write up on "aux lights on factory fog switch" I just got my smittybilt SRC bumper and wanna hook up some Aux Driving lights to the fog switch but have no idea how too

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Nice rig! Glad to see some more 2 doors being built up.

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this is a shot of my enemy, the third brake light:

it annoys me constantly from the rearview... mocking me:

and worse of all, it rattles and rattles. orignally, the smittybilt xrc tire carrier came with some cheapy rivet-like bolts. those lasted about 3 months. now its a constant cacophony while driving, even on pavement:

i was bested in my attempts to remove the entire apparatus, inside:

and outside, the bedliner. all i did was start smoothing the hexagon shape:

so, to shut the blasted things constant whining/rattling up, i devised a silencer out of a piece of cardboard and duct tape:

stuffed that inbetween to muffle the banging, pressed it into the stems of the broken of rivets to secure it. seems very stable during test drives.

and most importantly, QUIET, again.

i count this as winning one small battle against the third brake light, but its still winning the war.

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way back in april, i was tearing up my lil stock jk. had a couple instances where i slid off a rock and brought my underbelly into contact with rocks, some not so good sounding. the worst of them tore off the stock steering stabilizer and bent the frame mount (no pics, yes i know it didn't happen!).

well, that's what i thought until this weekend. crawling around under the jeep since i couldn't get anyone to go wheel :)thumbdown:) i noticed a subtle bend in my tie rod:

the peak of this bend, is right where the scratch and scuff marks from that rock encounter are:

drove over to the lot to park next to a couple 2010/11s and make sure i wasn't just hallucinating, but no. its bent, not a ton but enough to now be driving me crazy. especially knowing that its been almost 6 months.

ordered up a strengthened tie rod/drag link from currie though....

Currie Enterprises CJ Axle Parts

edit: rofl currie, page is named for cj axles. i guess that's one way to beef up a tie rod, replace it all with a cj axle.

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1.3 is underway finally.

river raider skids + evap cannister skid on today.

fuel tank:

evap cannister and transfer case:

transmission and oil pan:

and also a beefy currie tie rod to replace that bent one...

still working on the currie hd draglink. need to convert it for high steer installation, oops.

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I've got the same River Rader Skids... Do you have vibration at or around 1500 rpm... I know what it is from... the trany skid that bolts directly onto the motor... Any luck in figuring a way of lessing this vibration?

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