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Simply the best winch for the money

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Nothing but love for Warn Winches:highfive:. I own two of them and haven't had a problem yet. They work beautifully. I purchased one new and one used. The used one was 5 years old when I got it. It is a Warn 9.5ti winch. It was mounted on a flat bed truck. It stopped working and the owner sold it for parts. I cleaned the inside terminals and it immediately started working. The PO didn't realize that these bad boys aren't water tight. Water gets inside of them causing all the internal wiring to get rusty:rofl:. I paid $120 shipped. Within an hour it was up and running:cheers:. Awesome winches! :thumbsup:
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I agree. I reluctantly bought the 9.5CTI before I finished my build. That money could have bought a front axle but instead I went with the warn. I definitely am glad I did because I have used it many times. It's saved my a$$ and I can't describe the feeling of security knowing I'll be able to get myself out on a wheeling run. Many times I wheel on the way to the store as the "short cut" and would have been in the dog house had I gotten stuck with no recovery options....
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