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Silver Lining

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Time Line

an unfortunate accident on 1/2/12 and little red was totaled

1/14/12 purchased 03 rubicon with 129k miles spent a few weeks changing all fluids and tune up parts
2/10/12 1.25" zone BL and 1" zone MML, Novak shifter cable
2/17/12 2" BDS springs Fox 2.0 shocks
4/2/12 315/75r16 Goodyear duratracs
4/10/12 AntiRock front swaybar
5/5/12 lower front Savvy aluminum adjustable control arms with mini skids
8/14/12 upper and lower rear Savvy aluminum adj control arms
9/1/12 ZJ tie rod
10/29/12 LED Tail lights, genright hood louvers
12/3/12 Bosch h4 headlights
12/10/12 Tatton CV DS, UCF UHC skid, upgraded to 04-06 style trans pan for 42rle
1/5/13 LoPro with lots of grinding
2/17/13 Black Magic brakes, JJ Washers
2/22/13 1.5" Brown Dog MM
3/1/13 Warn 9.5Ti winch with synthetic rope
3/8/13 3" BDS front springs
3/17/13 stock gas tank mod to raise it 1" and gain track bar clearance
3/28/13 UCF engine skid, front DS rebuild, radiator replaced
4/19/13 Replaced rear pads and rotors. replaced Left side Multi-Function switch
6/9/13 Install Windstar air box mod
6/14/13 Install KC Apollo Pro fog lights
6/25/13 Install Exogate
8/15/13 Install MC front track bar
10/5/13 Completed frame repair, installed flowmaster 40, and installed GenRight Comp gas tank
8/1/14 Install PS fenders, PSC aux coolers, oil pressure switch, intake/exhaust gasket, MORE 1" steering brace

Current Specs

5.25" between front tire and flare - 3" uptravel, 6" down
5.75" between rear tire and flare - 4.25" uptravel, 3.75" down
24.25" ground to slider
19.5" ground to frame
18.5" ground to skid

4.0L I6
1.5" Brown dog motor mounts

04-06 style pan
PSC Trans cooler

Transfer Case
Novak shifter cable

Front Axle
Rubicon D44
4.10 gears
stock axle shafts
factory air locker
MC track bar
Black Magic brakes
Centric rotors
Rebuilt front DS 5-793x, 2x 5-790x, spicer centering ball

Rear Axle
Rubicon D44
4.10 gears
stock axle shafts
factory air locker
Stock disc brakes
Tatton DS 1330 u-joints

Tires and Wheels
315/75r16 Goodyear duratrac E-Load
16" Dick Cepek DC-2

3" BDS springs
Fox 2.0 shocks
Savvy aluminum lower control arms
Stock upper control arms
AntiRock swaybar
Stock track bar
2.25" Bump stop

2" BDS springs
Fox 2.0 shocks
Savvy aluminum upper control arms
Savvy aluminum lower control arms
Stock sway bar
Stock track bar
1.5" Bump stop

ZJ tierod
stock drag link
MORE 1" steering brace
PSC/derale steering cooler

Front bumper

Rear bumper

TC skid
Undercover Fab's Ultra High Clearance .250 aluminum skid plate with Lopro trans mount

Engine skid
Undercover Fab's .250 aluminum skid

Poison Spyder Negative XC Defenders in aluminum

Eclipse CD3000 deck
Eclipse XA4000 4 way amp (125wx4 rms)
Polk MM521 5.25" fronts
Polk Momo 6.5" in soundbar
Kicker ZX400.1 mono amp rated at 485w
Kicker 10" CVR sub

Modified stock locker switches

Bosch H4 headlights
LED tail lights
LED reverse lights
LED bolts lights for license plate

Cobra 19 DX IV
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