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I am building a Frenkenstein and using a bunch of parts from various years. Trying to figure out my signal lights not working. All of the schematics I see show 2 flashers side by side in the fuse block, one for the Hazard 4 way and the other for the Signal lights. The bulkhead fuseblock I have has provision for only the Hazard which is the left side of the block. There is a space for the Turn Signal flasher, and the block is marked TS Flasher, but there are no wires behind the block for a flasher to plug into. I do not know the year of the harness but is it mid 80's I assume. I am guessing that on this harness the Turn signal flasher plugs in elsewhere on the harness?
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I know the 84 harness has a plug hanging down from the harness right above the parking brake.
Look for a plug with red and yellow wires attached.
The smaller black and red were for a turn signal buzzer I installed.
I bought a motorcycle turn signal buzzer a couple years ago from Amazon:,aps,179&sr=8-7
Worked so well that it became annoying sitting at traffic lights listening to the alarm signal that sounded like a dump truck backing up. I took it off after a few months but it trained me to keep an eye on the turn signal indicators to make sure I hadn't left one on. I'm back to the original turn signal relay now.
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