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Sick of replacing the radiator

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I'm getting really sick of replacing radiators.

I bought my 2015 JK new in august of that year, and in late 2019 the stock radiator started leaking between the plastic tank and the aluminum fins. I replaced that radiator with an AFE aluminum one, because I never wanted to replace it again. That one had a huge leak right out of the box, and they were out of stock for 4 months, so Quadratec swapped me for a Griffin. In December of 2020 that one started leaking too, so I warrantied it for another Griffin. Here we are 4 months later, and there is coolant on the garage floor again. I was too frustrated to look at it last night, but I have no reason to think I won't be installing the 5th radiator in this stupid thing.

What's going on? Do I just have horrible luck? I'm pretty nice to my JK (don't wheel it hard, no accidents) and I've got less than 70k miles on it.
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I had one customer with an AFE radiator in his JK I installed and it was leaking at the welds to the tank right out of the box. Warrantied it and all good now. The flexing issue is interesting, never heard of that one before.

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