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I was spraying some clear coat paint with safety glasses on but a little bit of overspray was hanging in the air and landed on my eye, behind the safety glasses.

I could feel it on my eyeball and had to get it removed by a doctor.

I should have worn goggles instead.

Make sure your PPE is appropriate for the task.

The most common shop injury has got to be hearing damage. Most people ignore it until they can't.

The most effective PPE is common sense. If you are using a cut-off wheel, try to keep your body (and your face) out of the plane it is rotating in.

Some safety equipment is designed to avoid liability, not injury. Any thing that increases grip fatigue is a pet peeve of mine. 4.5" angle grinders tend to get hobbled with "safties" that will make you lose your grip if you run them long enough. Dropping a 4.5" angle grinder is not a safe thing to do.

Lastly, watch out for repetitive stress injuries. Vibrations cause these. If you are grinding with that 4.5" angle grinder for 2-3 hours a day, your hands are going to tingle and if you do it enough it is going to cause nerve damage and carpal tunnel. Vibration without movement is what causes it so take breaks and move your wrist, elbow and other joints through their range of motion without vibration.

I don't know if you can do more than a little shop work without suffering for it. I've done more than that, I suffer, I'll do more and I'll suffer more because I enjoy my hobbies. I just wish I had been smarter about hearing protection, repetitive stress and chemical exposure before I started doing damage.

Oh, try not to smash your fingers and toes too.
81 - 82 of 82 Posts
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