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Shifting problem on 32rh auto tran (2001 TJ)

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Hey Jeepers - I've read every thread possible and none are on point. I could really use your input to help solve my transmission issue.

LOVE my Jeep TJ. Background/Typical use: Normal, easy part time driving around town. Summer convertible. She's the fun extra Jeep, not a DD. No recent change in the easy driving habits.

2001 TJ Sahara 4.0l Automatic w/ AC w/ 82K miles
32RH Transmission 3 speed.

ATF-4 (checked when hot) is fresh, pink, clean and no bubbles/froth, and at full level. Smells pleasant and fluid at full mark
Coolant is full, clean and fresh.
Air filter - quite new, same w plugs. All is well.

Half the time, it drives/shifts fine. Super smooth and strong. The other times, this intermittent shifting fiasco as follows:

About a month ago, *intermittently* the tran started shifting unusually - high revs before shifting, sometime wont shift (or I refuse to push it higher to find out). I have read much about "limp mode" - mine seems more like "very-high-rev shift" and not true "limp mode". A few times it just wouldn't shift out of 1 or 2 (it varies), but most often it will shift to the next speed, but shift quite high >3200 rpms.

When it sticks like this (or limp mode), shut off engine seems to reset it, and the shifting seems to go back to normal.

As I understand from research, the 2001 32RH tran has no input or output sensor - so that can't be causing it (I think this is called a hydro-mechanical tran ?). I guess the TCM perhaps? Something internal like a solenoid getting stuck? I haven't pulled the pan yet.

In all the research I've done, I did see a reference to the engine-off/restart sequence de-energizing a solenoid which effectively resets the issue (by opening or closing a path for the fluid) but that thread was for another tran on another vehicle.

I VALUE your EXPERTISE - please let me know any detailed suggestions you have or thoughts as to what is causing this. If I left out any key Jeep setup info or symptoms, just let me know.

Thank you in advance.
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Thanks for that. It absolutely feels like something is sticking at times which is also consistent with the intermittent nature of it. I watched a video of the governor being replaced on a TJ too - seemed pretty straightforward. Thank for the input.
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