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Shifting problem on 32rh auto tran (2001 TJ)

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Hey Jeepers - I've read every thread possible and none are on point. I could really use your input to help solve my transmission issue.

LOVE my Jeep TJ. Background/Typical use: Normal, easy part time driving around town. Summer convertible. She's the fun extra Jeep, not a DD. No recent change in the easy driving habits.

2001 TJ Sahara 4.0l Automatic w/ AC w/ 82K miles
32RH Transmission 3 speed.

ATF-4 (checked when hot) is fresh, pink, clean and no bubbles/froth, and at full level. Smells pleasant and fluid at full mark
Coolant is full, clean and fresh.
Air filter - quite new, same w plugs. All is well.

Half the time, it drives/shifts fine. Super smooth and strong. The other times, this intermittent shifting fiasco as follows:

About a month ago, *intermittently* the tran started shifting unusually - high revs before shifting, sometime wont shift (or I refuse to push it higher to find out). I have read much about "limp mode" - mine seems more like "very-high-rev shift" and not true "limp mode". A few times it just wouldn't shift out of 1 or 2 (it varies), but most often it will shift to the next speed, but shift quite high >3200 rpms.

When it sticks like this (or limp mode), shut off engine seems to reset it, and the shifting seems to go back to normal.

As I understand from research, the 2001 32RH tran has no input or output sensor - so that can't be causing it (I think this is called a hydro-mechanical tran ?). I guess the TCM perhaps? Something internal like a solenoid getting stuck? I haven't pulled the pan yet.

In all the research I've done, I did see a reference to the engine-off/restart sequence de-energizing a solenoid which effectively resets the issue (by opening or closing a path for the fluid) but that thread was for another tran on another vehicle.

I VALUE your EXPERTISE - please let me know any detailed suggestions you have or thoughts as to what is causing this. If I left out any key Jeep setup info or symptoms, just let me know.

Thank you in advance.
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The only thing electronically controlled on the 32RH is the torque converter lock up. Everything else is purely hydraulic. It sounds like the centrifugal governor is sticking and not allowing enough line pressure for the trans to shift. A very seasoned transmission guy told me that when that would happen on the torqueflites, he would take it for a drive and stay at 40 mph. Once he was there, he would throw it into park. What happens is the parking pawl is trying to engage onto the teeth but can't at that speed, and the ratcheting that it creates vibrates the governor and causes it to unstick. If you feel like changing the governor, it's not too hard to do. It's located on the tail shaft on the back of the trans.

Hoist and support vehicle on safety stands.

Mark propeller shaft and axle yoke for assembly reference. Then disconnect and remove shaft.

Disconnect parking brake cable at equalizer and disconnect exhaust components as necessary.

Support transmission on a suitable lifting device.

Remove skid plate and rear transmission mount.

Remove transfer case and extension housing.

Loosen but do not remove bolts that hold governor body to park gear.

Rotate transmission output shaft until governor weight assembly is accessible.

Remove E-clip at end of governor valve shaft (Governor Valve).

1 - E-CLIP

Remove governor valve and shaft from governor body (Governor Valve).

Remove snap rings and spacer that retain governor body and park gear assembly on output shaft (Snap-Rings And Spacer).

Remove bolts holding governor body to park gear (Governor Body).

Separate governor from park gear.

Pull park gear from rear support
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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