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RV Wave!

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I got a wave and a nod from a guy in a huge RV towing his CJ7 behind on a trailer! I was pretty stoked! The only time I ever get waves (and I'm in a 76 CJ5, on 32s, doors and hard top off) is from guys in older Jeeps or kids who got thier dad's jeep for his 16th birthday. Soccer moms and grandparents in a new 4 door...never wave back. Of course, I live at the beach and we get all the tourists that never take the doors off or drop the top. Amazing to see everyone driving around sucking on that recycled A/C air!

Keep waving, someone's bound to figure out we're not trying to kill them!
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My dad taught me about the Jeep wave in his old CJ when I was a kid. I've tied many times, but only the guys with modified Jeeps ever seem to wave back.

I've been on the road twice in the last year towing my LJ behind the RV, and had another RV pass by with their own Jeep in tow, and had a nice Jeep/RV wave both times.
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