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Rustys RS-SC250-UV [$400]

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Product Information
Price $400
Rating 3
Average Price $293.57
Manufacturer Rustys
Recommended Yes: 4 / No: 3

Rusty's steering conversion is a complete steering system, replacing the factory Y-design with a wheel to wheel tie-rod. Rusty's tie-rods are built of 1" drawn over mandrel (dom) tubing and are powdercoated for durability and a great look. Rusty's steering system comes with conventional tie-rod ends. The conventional tie-rod ends last much longer than the race type heim ends and can be bought at any rural auto parts store (part# ES140R & ES62L). Whether you're in moab or in the smokey mountains of tellico you can find replacement parts. So if you're an off road enthusiast tired of bending parts or have a street Jeep tired of poor handling and excessive tire wear, go with rusty's steering system conversion. For installation we recommend having the drag-link attach ABOVE the tie-rod for lifts of 4.5" or more to help reduce angles.

We can make this an over-the-knuckle version as well with shims, weld-on trac-bar bracket and extended sway bar links. Call for details.
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Price $280
Rating 1
Pros it was better then my old y-link set up
Cons wow, were do i start.....
Recommended no

Comments: i bought it over the othesr due to price, i bought rustys stuff before, and never was happy with it. you get what ya pay for:thumbdown:... and now no more money to rusty... the drag link, and tie rod both bent pretty quick i might add, and i've been though 3 sets ( of 4 ) of tie rod ends, the ends are not big enough, i blew 3 ends just on the street. i have a set of moogs in it now, and i'll be sleaving the bottom rod with 3/8 dom tube to straighten it, and then sell it after april... i was planning on doing a otk, but not with this junk.. i've had it 2 years, and have less then 5000 miles on it...
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