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Rustys RS-SC250-UV [$400]

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Product Information
Price $400
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Manufacturer Rustys
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Rusty's steering conversion is a complete steering system, replacing the factory Y-design with a wheel to wheel tie-rod. Rusty's tie-rods are built of 1" drawn over mandrel (dom) tubing and are powdercoated for durability and a great look. Rusty's steering system comes with conventional tie-rod ends. The conventional tie-rod ends last much longer than the race type heim ends and can be bought at any rural auto parts store (part# ES140R & ES62L). Whether you're in moab or in the smokey mountains of tellico you can find replacement parts. So if you're an off road enthusiast tired of bending parts or have a street Jeep tired of poor handling and excessive tire wear, go with rusty's steering system conversion. For installation we recommend having the drag-link attach ABOVE the tie-rod for lifts of 4.5" or more to help reduce angles.

We can make this an over-the-knuckle version as well with shims, weld-on trac-bar bracket and extended sway bar links. Call for details.
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Price $250
Pros umm...
Cons read below...
Recommended no

Comments: Well, its a different linkage setup than stock. I guess its a little better, but since getting the setup, I already replaced 2 of the 4 tie rod ends. One cause the ball joint threads stripped out and the castle nut wouldn't tighten down anymore. The other cause the boot was so small and, got destroyed rather quickly and the joint froze.

Also the whole setup kept twisting when i turned the wheel back and forth. Upon doing some research, I found out that some people put in place of the dust boots on each knuckle, like a flat plastic washer (about 1/2 in thick) to keep things tight.

How much more sturdy is the tubing and such? Well to me it does not feel much better than stock.

I didn't want to screw around with a knuckle over setup, but still, I would try a different company's fix to the problem of lifted truck steering geometry.
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