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Rusty's Off-Road - Rusty's steering box bracket for CJ's [$100]

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Product Information
Price $100
Manufacturer Rusty's Off-Road
Company website

I had gotten their heavy duty bracket and now that my frame is bare I wanted to mock it up because you have to drill an extra hole on the crossmember for it. Almost none of the holes lined up. The most I could get out of 5 holes was 2. I could've gotten 3 with some filing to oblong a hole but besides ruining the powder coat, I shouldn't have had to. The other two were off by 1/2" or more. Q-tec is swapping me out this one for a M.O.R.E. bracket. After reading some similar reviews, I opted to just change brands and try theirs.
Could have been that particular bracket that I received but I wasn't taking that chance.