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Rule and guidelines for posting


* Please try to keep your messages on topic. For this message group, that means talking about the Jeep JK. The moderators will not allow "off-topic" messaging. Any threads not directly related to the JK will be punted.

* Non-tech posts will be either closed, moved or deleted at the moderator's discretion. Complaining about a non-tech thread being dealt with in accordance to the rules of in a tech-zone can result in an enforced vacation from JeepForum.

* Swearing, flaming, slamming and spamming will not be tolerated. Posts that do not fall within the guidelines of this site will either be stealth-edited for content or will be deleted all-together. This is your only warning. Repeat offenders will find their login-id's and IP addresses banned from using Allow the forum auto-censor do its job for you. Do not try to defeat the censor by putting in your own stars in strategic places.

* Use the Report Post Icon
with full explanation as to why the post should be edited or removed. Multiple reports of not following the rules from different people about the same person will get a member removed from accessing the JK forum.


* Pictures maybe posted with your messages. Please check the Registry Section for ideas on how to properly post the pictures that you wish for others to see

* Topics allowed include anything about the JK, mods to them, problems and solutions. You are not allowed to bash the JK or other members for their points of view. Street-mods vs. Trail-mods are both equal in the eyes of the moderators.

* Topics that are not technical in nature regarding to the JK will be moved or deleted depending on content. The JeepWave is not a technical thread. Changing suspension is a technical thread. See the difference?

* Posts that are nothing but "padding" the post-counter (ie: "I agree") will not be tolerated. If you agree, say so, but please add more to the discussion, you do have opinions that you can share!

* As times and members change with this group, some questions maybe asked over and over again.
  • For the old-timers, please be patient with those who are new.
  • Please do not tell new members just to search - help them by providing the link to the best thread covering that subject
  • To those who are new, you can search the online databases for answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers you are looking for may be in other sections. Check the "General Offroad"-zones for information regarding tires, rims, lockers, engine-mods, and fabrication.

Thank you,

The Moderators
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