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rubi lube order

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hey all i bought my jeep used and ive been able to find out everything but transfercase oil. but since i started a thread i thouygh it would be good to add what ive found

engine oil: im using 10w30 for my climate
tranny: royale purple synchromax
Transfer: ??
Diffs 75w-90

i know there is alot of other stuff that can be used so maybe you can you advice thanks:wave:
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I boought a Rubi in 2011 had it worked on and is now in Montana
Here is the Jeep specs on lubes and stuff, I put synthetic in Auto trans a complete flush and filter, Syn ATF the same stuff goes into the Power steering pump and transfer case, 75/90 syn gear oil in diff's.
trying to add a file but I can't figure out how to do it

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