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Price $7
Rating 5
Pros fancy color
Cons short life, causes very bad shifting once the oil expires
Recommended no

Comments: well I first tried Royal purple after hearing good things about the stuff, and for a while it worked just fine in my AX15 transmission.

but after about 9k miles on it, my AX15 began to lock me out of any gear after coasting to a stop and trying to shift into gear from nuetral (mind you, this is a brand new AX15 with about 10k total miles on it). Fearing the worst, I began to diagnos and first changed the oil.....low and behold my AX15 worked perfectly fine after that and never had shifting issues again.

I changed the oil and got rid of the Royal Purple junk and went back to using Pennzoil Synchromesh that I had used just fine for a long time in my old AX5.

oh and for the record, I was using Royal Purple Synchromax oil, not max gear, but Synchromax isn't available, so I posted my review here.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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