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2000 XJ Cherokee Classic
Rough Country 6.5” long arm kit

To start off this kit is very complete and thought through. New coils, long arms, easy to work with cross member, full leaf springs, extended brake lines, etc. everything that you need to clear bigger tires. Upon installing the lift I was glad hat I purchased the SYE and driveshaft as it was absolutely necessary.

This was absolutely the best customer service experience that I have had with rough country. 10 out of 10 on this one. Shipped same day and had the product by the end of the week. Easy to work with over the phone. Overall this was an excellent experience.

Install would have been easy as the directions were very clear. Upon inspecting my Jeep I realized that I was going to have trouble with seized bolts and rust. I put 45 man hours in to this lift over 3 days to finish it over a long weekend. I literally had to heat, pound out, cut, or drill out every bolt that needed to be replaced. Once the bolts were out however, this kit easily installed.

The ride is very nice compared to the 2” spacer and add a leaf that I had before the lift. I did notice a slight popping noise at first but realized that it was due to the jamb nuts coming loose. A little lock tite and a big crescent wrench and greasing the joints fixed this. This lift has a lot of flex with the sway link quick disconnects disconnected. It easily stuffs the 33x10.50 in to the wheel well. You could probably fit a 35x12.50 if you wanted to but you would have to bump stop it or else you would risk your tires eating your fenders.

I only have a couple of concerns with this lift. The hardware for the rear springs appears to be grade 5. I have ordered new grade 8 hardware due to this. The pitman arm that came with the lift was the same size as the stock pitman arm. Finding a drill bit long enough to go through the frame rail to mount the cross member braces was difficult.

Overall I would order this lift again if I was looking for another xj. You can’t beat the quality of the product and the customer service for the price that it is offered at.


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