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This place has died....I'm going wheeling second weekend in september in big bear if anyone is interested....
Whoa that sounds really nice.

Wish I could join you but I’m way behind the curve in getting the Jeep ready for wheeling.

Maybe next time.

Just did Edelbrock intake, 1.7 roller rockers,Valve covers, new injectors, billet fuel rails and braided lines, plugs, wires, cap and rotor.

Year old stock type engine mounts promptly broke!


I had already purchased the hipo replacement motor mounts from ironman 4x4-guess those are going in now.

Also seeping power steering pump turned into dripping steering pump.

Just picked up a new pump and lines -that’s gotta go in too.

Guess I can put off the header install for now.

More important would be installing my front driveshaft again and rebuilding my transfer case.

I’ll post up here again when I’m actually 4WD.

Probably want to do a drink water flats/rowher flats or azusa canyon or gorman ohv park run testing run first to see if everything’s gtg.
30441 - 30442 of 30442 Posts
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