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Rocky Mountian Big Wheels
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Font Motor vehicle


Box 27, Site 4, RR 7
Calgary , T2P 2G7
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Contact Name:RMBW
President Name:No president at this moment

Meeting Location:Restaraunts, bars, garages, etc
Meeting Date:Usually first Wednesday of the month
Meeting Time:7:00pm


\Club Type:General 4x4
Family Friendly:Yes
Mandatory Meetings:No
Year Founded:1994
Yearly Fees:$40 + AURS membership


he Rocky Mountain Big Wheels Association was incorporated as a non-profit society on March 9, 1994. The association was formed by a group of four-wheel drive enthusiasts for four reasons:

* To fight the negative image that the public held of four-wheelers.

* To educate the public that "big tires" are safe.

* To provide more opportunities for off-roading and family fun.

* To educate trail users about the importance of safety and responsibility when off-roading.

The Rocky Mountain Big Wheels Association realizes that the future use of off-highway vehicles is in jeopardy. Government initiatives such as Special Places 2000, abuse of OHV areas by uneducated individuals, lack of public awareness and over zealous environmentalists threaten to close the few off-roading areas that exist.

The Rocky Mountain Big Wheels Association is continually working with Land and Forest Services of Alberta Environmental Protection, other user groups (4x4, dirt bike, snowmobile, equestrian, etc.). Our collective goal is to enhance and further the process of educating both the public and other users about proper, sustainable use of our off-road areas.

The Rocky Mountain Big Wheels Association believes that EDUCATION is the key to achieving this objective. We promote strong four-wheel drive ethics, including environmental awareness, while encouraging fun and safe four wheeling within our membership.

Although The Rocky Mountain Big Wheels Association was formed by off-road enthusiasts with trucks, our membership has expanded to include people with quads, dirt bikes, buggies and even those who do not own an off-highway vehicle!

Enrollment Requirements
4x4 or quad (or both)
Equipment Requirements
4 wheel drive
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