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Reword my 1976 cj7

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I am going to have to rewrite my CJ 7. The wiring is all cracked and broken. Just wonder which wiring harness to use. I am looking at the painless 10150 harness 21 circuit. Has anyone use this harness. Any help is a huge help
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I just put a Painless Performance 10150 Direct Fit Jeep CJ Harness (1976-1986) - 21 Circuits in my '83 CJ7. Painless is right but get a weatherpack connectors kit to go with it. Things change over 40 years and a couple of extra connectors never hurt. I had the dash and rear harness wired installed in about one day, including radio, cb and ext. lighting. I'll install front harness in after the motor is installed.
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