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Removal of transfer case

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My ongoing project has given me yet another issue (I live in Chicagoland- we get a lot of cancer here). '04 Grand Cherokee, 4.0L, in the middle of attempting an NP247 to an NP242J.

Today I tried to remove my transfer case for 6+ hours. I had two other people with me and this thing has not budged. Here is a list of what I've attempted thus far, after drowning it in PB Blaster, of course. I can assure you, I've removed everything. All 6 bolts (one of them took the mounting pin with it), the shifter lever and the bubble hose. There is nothing holding it on but the seal between the transmission and the NP247.

1) Started with simply using a floor jack to raise and lower the case, trying to find that "sweet spot" where it breaks the seal and I can wiggle it off, like every single Youtube video I've watched.
2) Attempted slamming it with a pry bar against the cross member to break the seal.
3) Lots of pry bar against literally anything, trying to wedge it in the seal as well.
4) At this point, we got frustrated and wrapped a big *** chain around it. Hooked the chain up to the tow hitch on our Chevy and tried literally pulling it off with the truck. No break.
5) Heaviest person in our group started jumping on the chain. Nada.
6) Got mad, took a break, and asked for help from a bigger, more muscular person to try and slam at this thing.
7) We tried most of what we listed above, including trying to pull it with this guy's car too (AWD instead of just one wheel).
8) Disconnected the tranny mount to try and get more leverage while prying and getting more frustrated.
9) Borrowed some 24,000 pound bottle jacks and have set those up between the cross member and the t case. We bent the cross member a bit. No budge to the seal.
10) Yesterday I tried getting an air hammer in there and hitting the studs to loosen it.

Am I crazy?! This shouldn't be this hard at all, right?!

I'm pondering what I need to do at this point. The sun is set so I have all night to give it some thought. I leave on a trip to Montana in a week, and I have some backup plans sorted out in case this doesn't work like I hope.

Anyways, has anyone else had troubles like this? What did you do to solve it, if not listed above? I'm trying not to break the tranny but it seems like this will be what ultimately totals my car! I did fail to mention, I drove on it for about a year, broken as ****, with the gears flailing around inside sounding like I'm dragging about 50 metal cans behind me. No fluid in it either. Granted, I live 5 mins from work and rarely drove it more than 20mins at a time, but it was for a year. I'm wondering if that may have welded it or something?

I'm thinking of calling up my mechanic and having him cut this damn thing off, extract the bolts, and put the new one on. I'm strapped on cash at the moment and would like to avoid that if at all possible though.

Any help, input, or comment is greatly appreciated. I really don't want to take a ****ty, one-wheel drive Chevy across the country and through the damn mountains. :)
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Best I can say is there’s nuts and studs from the factory there. I’ve had many where the nuts come off and the studs stay and usually it’s the bottom stud gets corroded in the hole of the adapter housing. Heat usually does it but aluminum melts away easily. Acetylene or maybe MAPP gas torch. Other than that it’s just splined to the transmission output shaft in fluid.
Pretty odd. When I removed my transfer case, after removing those six nuts the case came out pretty easily. I understand your frustration but I'd be careful to not damage the transmission as you remove this old transfer case.

As someone already mentioned, the case should only be held on by the splines in the transmission at this point. Could try taking a hammer to the spot I marked or using the air hammer against the ridges of the transfer case. I'd avoid the part where the case meets the transmission, don't want to mar up that surface.

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Post up some pictures and we may be able to provide better suggestions.
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Thank you. Will get some photos up tomorrow, I don't have any helpful ones on hand and it's dark.
Thank you. Will get some photos up tomorrow, I don't have any helpful ones on hand and it's dark.
It does seem that, based on what you've tried, there is something mechanically preventing the transfer case from being removed. You may need to start disassembling the transfercase and see what, if anything, is preventing its removal.
If more than one stud is corroded up they can get stuck like Chuck.
I’ve had to heat and cool and air hammer around the outside of the holes a couple times and jacking up on the back etc.
Never seen the splines froze up in 35 years of working on Jeep and Dodge trucks.
I second hd95. Even if one stud gets corroded you can have big troubles. When I removed mine, I experienced the one on the very bottom being corroded and it took me several weeks to get it apart, I almost gave up. I was finally able to get two thin paint scrappers in on the top side and eventually mine popped. My WJ is super clean with almost 0-rust. So with the amount of salt you guys use and how bad your winters are there, you could have a real problem for sure. Good luck.

Good news.

My atheist *** sent a prayer to the universe today and it was answered a few hours later.

Ultimately, my case popped by setting up two 6 ton bottle jacks between the cross member and the case, pushing towards the rear. And... as everyone guessed, corrosion like CRAZY!

Just thought I'd post because I've done sooooo much forum-digging and no one has used this method, to my knowledge. hopefully this is helpful in the future!
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Glad you got it off. That’s the toughest one I’ve ever heard of. I was going to suggest taking the od unit with the tcase. Then deal with the tcase split out from under the vehicle.
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