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Hello everyone , thanks for trying to help me .
so I have 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - Export Model .
and I bought the Car Used (didn't know it doesn't has remote start) .
but now after reading the sales code I knew it doesn't has remote start , so I'm trying so activate it .
I watched some YouTube Videos says that all what you want do is buying OBD2 Reader and AlfaOBD and Enable it , Although you wouldn't have the Factory remote start range (you will have 30m of range only) .
so I bought the AlfaOBD software and an OBD2, and after setting REMOTE START PRESENT : SET and pressing and X2 the flashlights goes on for 1s and nothing happen , so I tried reading the LiveData of the BODY COMPUTER MODULE and it says HOOD SWITCH PROGRAMMED : NO , Even Though I have The Hood Switch and it's working fine .
then I read that the Factory Remote start Vehicles should Have Analog Hood Switch , And non-Remote start Cars Comes with Digital Hood Switch (Not Really sure what is the difference) .
so in AlfaOBD I Tried to set CONFIG.INPUTS: RECONFIG INPUT #4 : Analog Hood Ajar Switch (Instead of - NOT PRESENT) , and it worked -kind of- so what Happen is it Says HOOD SWITCH PROGRAMMED : YES But it says that the hood is Ajar (when it's not ) so the remote start Got Aborted .
I Think I Should Make Some Changes In The Integrated Power Module (IPM) Pins , But I Don't Know What to DO .
sorry for my English guys My main language isn't English .
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