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Land use comment

Hello, I would like to make a comment. I've been Off Road driving for a lot of years. I respect nature and the earth. I pack out what I bring in. I wish I could speak to the drivers and riders who throw their trash out on the trails. :nono: The guys who think it's OK to break their rig, watch it empty it's contents in a mud hole or creek, laugh and go away leaving the pollution there.:thumbdown: This is why it's so hard to get permission to ride on Public and Private land. I'd like to think it's just the few who cause the problems for the rest of us but what I see is most off road drivers throw their cans and camping trash all along the trails.
I want to find out where to get the absorbent material that comes in 24"X24" sheets. I've seen them used by the DEC. I'd buy them myself to keep in my Jeep for when I see some guy break his transfer case, or something like it while trying to get through a swamp, marsh, creek or pond. Anywhere! If those of us who care, packed this product, at least it would help protect the earth from pollution. I try to be a example for others when I'm out, by picking up my area no matter who's thrown their cans and trash around. Thanks, mjg :wave:
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